Ember and Andromeda meet -The Forest-

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Ember and Andromeda meet -The Forest- Empty Ember and Andromeda meet -The Forest-

Post by Ember on Tue Jan 21, 2014 8:44 pm

Ember wrote:Walking through the tall pine trees of the forest, Ember carried a small satchel. As she walked she picked the useful plants and herbs she recognized and placed them in her bag. As she ventured deeper into the woods she came across a large rocky outcropping.
"Perfect" she thought with a smile.
She drew back her strong tail and began to pound the rock into smaller chunks. She placed the rocks into a pile and continued this process until her tail grew sore.
She then clambered up one of the pine trees, checking to make sure nothing lived in it. When she was sure it was vacant, she climbed down and with her front legs firmly braced at the base of the tree, began to push with all her might until the tree creaked and groaned. Within a few moments the tree finally gave way to her might and came crashing down.
After the tree landed on the ground with great cracking thud, Ember heard another louder crash coming from somewhere to the east. She raced to the edge of the forest to find a great big object, the likes of which she had never seen before, burning on the edge of a river.
"Oh my..."

AndromedaWolf wrote:Flashing lights and colors are all that Andromeda can see as her ship crashes to the ground. She's only vaguely aware of where she is as she is tossed around. Sirens blare in her ears. Suddenly there's a flash of heat and light as the outer lining of the ships catches fire then a deafening thud as the rest of the ship hits the ground.

Then it all goes black for Andromeda...

Ember wrote:Ember cautiously approached the burning object and, using her control over water, caused a cloud to rain a cooling mist to put out the flames. With the flames extinguished she peered in a large crack near the base of the burnt mass.
There were strange noises and blinking red lights coming from what looked liked gems. Ember leaned in closer as her eyes became adjusted to the strange light and she noticed a furry mass lying inside. It looked like a wolf, but not like any wolf she had ever seen, for this wolf was wearing something on it's body. They looked like clothes but made of some kind of strange material.
The she looked injured, judging by the way that her left arm was at an odd angle. Ember carefully dragged the wolf out onto the grass. She was unconscious.
'Maybe she came the same way I did. Maybe she knows how to get back!' Ember thought excitedly.
Ember was determined to nurse this wolf back to health. She carefully reset the wolf's arm back in it's socket and with two decent sized branches and some seaweed she found in the river, fashioned an arm brace for her.

AndromedaWolf wrote:"What.... ... ..."

Andromeda's head was throbbing and her eyes weren't open yet. She felt the soft, cool grass beneath her and was aware only slightly of a terrible pain in her arm. It felt like her brain was slowly being pulled back into consciousness. She laid still for what felt like hours. An unfamiliar smell wafted over her nose and lingered.

"Do I dare open my eyes?" she thought to herself.

Slowly, she opened one eye that was immediately flooded with light. She put one arm up to block the sun and eased the other eye open. A second later she found it unnecessary to block the sun because a large creature was now casting a shadow over her.

"WHAT!?!" She cried excitedly and immediately grabbed at an empty holster.

Andromeda sat up and attempted to scramble to her feet but found that putting weight on her hurt arm caused searing pain. She yelped in pain and surprise.

Ember wrote:"Easy there, I'm not going to hurt you." Ember told her in a soothing voice.
The wolf sat up and rubbed her arm and was shocked when she finally noticed the brace.
"Your arm was badly injured in that crash. I mended it as best I could but only time can heal the rest."

"Where ... where am I?" the wolf asked.
Ember sighed.
"I wish I could tell you, but I'm not sure myself. I only got here a little while before you. My name is Ember by the way." she added with a smile.
She sat down next to the wolf holding her wing out to shade the sun from her eyes.

AndromedaWolf wrote:Andromeda groaned. "Mine is Andromeda. Do you know where my ship is? Maybe if some of the communication tools are still online... Or maybe the navigation systems... Maybe I could figure out where we are. Thanks, by the way."

Andromeda eased her way into a sitting position and looked around. "Oof..."

Ember wrote:"Here, let me help you"
Ember carefully helped Andromeda to her feet.
"What's a ship?"

AndromedaWolf wrote:"Thanks. Again. You know, it's used for transportation. Big. I fell in it. Basically, I've been living in it for the last few months. If it's not too banged up I could probably use it to get the heck out of here."

Andromeda starts looking around at her surroundings. She wonders where everyone else is, Anthros haven't lived in the wild like this in... Centuries. The fact that Ember didn't know what a ship is worries her.

"So uhh, where do you live? I don't imagine it's out here in the wild like this." She asks nervously.

Ember wrote:Ember looked down at her feet.
"I don't really have a home anymore. I ... didn't exactly fit in."
Flashbacks of when she discovered her powers came back to her.
"I grew up in a wolf pack and I didn’t realize just how different I was until about a week ago … when I … 'accidentally' ... injured another wolf with my powers. I've been wandering on my own ever since."

AndromedaWolf wrote:Andromeda noticed Ember's slight tone when she said the word "accidentally." Normally this would worry her but the fact Ember seemed to come from a distant past pressed heavier on her mind.

"Sorry to here that. This is going to sound like a weird question but... Are you from here? I mean, did something weird bring you to this place? Or did you just wander here?"

Ember wrote:"No, I'm not from here."
Ember perked up.
"Are you talking about the portal? Did you come through one as well?"

AndromedaWolf wrote:"Portal? Hmm... I think it would be best if we got going to my ship. Now." A small catch in Andromeda's voice made it known that her worry was now bordering on fear. " I can figure out what's going on there. Hopefully. If things are still working..."

"Oh, right. Sorry." Ember felt a bit sheepish. "It's just, I haven't spoken to anyone for days. It's in the clearing, just beyond those trees" she motioned to her left. "I can take you there."

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Ember and Andromeda meet -The Forest- Empty Summary

Post by AndromedaWolf on Tue Jan 21, 2014 9:13 pm

Ember the dragon is gathering supplies when she hears Andromeda the wolf's ship (an A-95 Explorer) come crashing to the ground. When she arrives at the scene, Andromeda is unconscious and hurt. Ember nurses Andromeda to health. Andromeda learns that a mysterious portal brought Ember here which confirms her suspicions that she is very far from home. She is also suspicious that Ember is from a completely different time. They leave to find Andromeda's ship and -hopefully- some answers.

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Ember and Andromeda meet -The Forest- Tanuki_Stickers_648180321962872-150x150

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