Chapter 11 The Gangs All Here

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Chapter 11 The Gangs All Here Empty Chapter 11 The Gangs All Here

Post by Ember on Fri Sep 18, 2015 6:20 pm

AndromedaWolf wrote:"AND STAY DOWN!!!" Andromeda yelled as she pounded the final support stick into place. The three walls stood, a culmination of the day's work. It was a short, hut like structure, really only suited to keeping winds only slightly off the furry bodies that would dwell inside. Andromeda barely had time to dust off her hands before the familiar sound of footsteps turned her ears to the side.

Ember wrote:When Ember heard Andromeda shout all she could think of was that either a) her friends were being attacked or b) they got into a fight and Andromeda was now pinning Beth to the ground. She didn't know which option would be worse. "Are you guys alright?!?" She called out rather frantically before the trees made way to reveal ... nothing but Andromeda and Beth working on the shelter.

AndromedaWolf wrote:"Just working on the shelter!" Andromeda shouted, examining the structure and making mental notes. "Did you find her?"

CaterinaJest wrote:"HUH??!!" Rina jolted awake. "I must have nodded off on the way back to camp" I thought to myself as I yawned. Looking around I questioned my fellow furries, "What'd I miss??"

BethTheBunny wrote: Beth threw her paws in the air. "We made a tent thing!" She gestured to the shelter.

Ember wrote:"Oh." Ember was relieved her friends were safe. "So you're all done with the shelter?"

AndromedaWolf wrote:"Not quite" Andromeda replied, "We'll still need to add a roof and finish insulating the walls but... It will do for now."

The first hues of dusk washed over the landscape. Night approached and with bellies yet unfilled the group wondered where their next meal would come from.

BethTheBunny wrote:Beth's belly grumbled loudly. "So, what's for dinner?" she asked, poking her tummy. "I kind of didn't have any lunch."

Ember wrote:"Well, you don't eat meat." Ember stated as she let Caterina slide off her back. "I have some plants and herbs in my bag that you can have while I go hunting for myself and the others. I don't know if they are to your liking, but it can tie you over until we can find something for you to eat." Ember walked over to her bag and pulled out a few wild carrots, a handful of wild onions, and a couple various mushrooms.

BethTheBunny wrote:Beth happily excepted the vegetables that Ember handed her. "These will do nicely," she said as she started munching on the wild carrots.

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