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Post by CaterinaJest on Thu Apr 02, 2015 11:53 pm

Name: Velocity (Nickname is Vel)

Species/color/gender: Velocity is a female Deinonychus. Her main scales are a slightly darker shade of electric blue with green and orange highlights and shading, and her plumage is a bright electric blue with some orange stripes and dashes. Her left eye is electric blue while her right eye is a bright yellowish neon green. Her claws and talons are obsidian black.

Personality: Very care free and she is a smart alec. She is a major prankster with a major disregard for the rules. Very loyal to her friends, but only a few people have been labeled as such, most being considered mere acquaintances by her. Usually takes a lot to get her truly angry, but if you manage to piss her off, don’t bother running cause you won’t get far.

Clothes: Vel tends to wear a dark black sleeveless hoodie with a bright orange anarchy symbol (that’s covered in stains from spray paint) over a simple electric blue knit tank top. She wears dark grey cargo shorts that stop at her knees, and has a chain hanging on both sides. She has a spiked collar, a simple black upper-arm band, and black and electric blue striped fingerless gloves that come to mid forearm (just before where her feathers start growing.). She also wears slightly ripped black socks/bands on her feet.

Short Bio: Velocity was born in the slums of the city, the only girl out of her 5 other siblings. She didn’t get along with her brothers as they were always picking on her for being a weak little girl. Her relationship with her mother was even more strained as her mom was very controlling and mentally abusive. Her father left when she was four. Because of this she took to climbing up onto and sleeping on the roofs of different buildings, rarely stopping by her ‘home’. Despite this, Velocity still tried to provide for her family as she grew up, finding ways to make money and, when she was old enough(or at least she looked old enough to fool people) she took different odd jobs, not all of which were completely legal. As the years past she took an interest in parkour, or freestyle street running. She became one of the best street runners of the city. A few months after that she started doing graffiti. Since she was so fast and agile the cops and such were never able to catch nor identify her. Even with everything that she has gone through she still has a very care free attitude, surprising the few people who know where she comes from. She finds joy in not only her parkour and graffiti, but also from being a natural prankster. She currently works at a car garage that’s owned by one of the few people that knows about her family, that really is more of a Grandfather to her than anything else. Through different meetings and such she ends up becoming friends with Ember and Beth, and by extension their friends as well.

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