Chap. 10 A Reunion ~Rock Clearing Camp~

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Chap. 10 A  Reunion ~Rock Clearing Camp~ Empty Chap. 10 A Reunion ~Rock Clearing Camp~

Post by AndromedaWolf on Wed Jun 03, 2015 1:53 pm

AndromedaWolf wrote:
Ember wrote:
AndromedaWolf wrote:As Andromeda's foot takes its first step on the clay dirt outside the forest she spies a large reptilian figure. She adjusts the bundle of vines in her arm before calling out to Ember.

"Ember! Beth! Did you find water?"

Ember wrote:Ember looked up from the strange scribbles Beth was drawing on the ground to see Andromeda and Caterina returning with arms filled with bundles of vines.

"Hey guys! Yes we have water for you Andromeda!"

BethTheBunny wrote:Beth glanced up from the letters she had written in the dirt and smiled up at her companions as she held up the thermos in triumph. "Nice vines," she commented upon seeing said plants.

CaterinaJest wrote:I nodded at Beth, "Hey." I shifted my gaze over to Ember, who seemed to be staring intently at the dirt. "What are you looking at Ember??" I said walking over towards her. I noticed the letters written in the dirt. ah... so that's what the stick Beth has is for.. "I'm assuming Beth is trying to teach you to read?" I commented. "If you want I can help teach you, I even have a book in my bag that we can use." I stated as I set the vines down.

Ember wrote:"Suuure...." Ember nodded hesitantly. “I have a question, what are we going to use a book for? And what are you going to do with those vines?”

CaterinaJest wrote:I chuckled. "Well, you read books, so I figured I could use it to help teach you to read," I turned to her and continued my explanation, "I also have some journals, pencils and charcoals we can use. After all, I find hands on learning is best." With that said I turned to return to our pile of vines, and plopped down on the large stone next to them. "As for these vines," I said, gesturing to the plants beside me, "we are going to be braiding them into rope to use." I picked up a few vines, laid them parallel to each other on the flat stone next to me. I set a heavy stone on top of the ends to keep them secure and together and started tightly braiding them together, adding vines here and there where needed. "Hey Andromeda," I called to the she wolf, "May you grab my satchel for me?"

AndromedaWolf wrote:"On it!" Andromeda replies before setting down her bundle. She tosses the satchel towards Caterina. Before beginning her handiwork with the vines she turns to Ember.

"Ember, can you do me a favor and sit real still for a moment?"

Ember wrote:Ember eyed Andromeda suspiciously. "What for?" she asked, already complying to her friend's wishes. "What are you going to do?"

AndromedaWolf wrote:Andromeda picks up the two longest vines from the pile before walking towards Ember.

"Ready to be a beast of burden?" the wolf asks jovially before throwing a vine over Ember's neck.

Andromeda's mood had brightened considerably since her first day here. Truth be told she had grown quite lonely since beginning her most current expedition. She welcomed the company and was grateful for a new challenge.

"Almost like fate... Maybe there is a reason why we are all here." The thought caused a dazed look to come over Andromeda's face. She shook it off and continued to measure Ember.

"That should do it for your neck, now let's measure your torso." She says, cutting the vine and grabbing the next one.

Andromeda repeats the process for Ember's torso then sits down near Caterina and begins to braid two ropes.

Ember wrote:Ember remained silent as Andromeda worked. She was not particularly comfortable while Andromeda strung a vine around her chest, but she tried not to show it. She noticed Andromeda's mood had changed since their late night talk, and that made her smile. She really didn't like seeing her friends upset so she would try to do her best to keep them happy, even if it meant being the beast of burden.

CaterinaJest wrote:"Thanks." I mumbled, concentrated on my work. I listened to Andromeda and Ember absentmindedly. "I wonder what uncle would say if he could see me now?" I thought wryly, before a slight frown came to my face. "I still don't understand why I'm acting the way I am... being nice and caring... this is definitely not like me." My frown deepened. "I need to get a hold of myself, we don't even know why we're here! Heck! We could end up back home at any moment..." I didn't know why that thought made me feel so... sad. I tensed when Andromeda sat near me. "I can't let them get close to me... It... it never ends well." I thought sadly, my ears drooping. "I wouldn't be able to handle it if someone else I cared about left me... I can't lose anyone else... I won't."  I abruptly set down my now finished rope, stood up, grabbed my satchel, and walked over to where my claymore was. "I'm going scouting." I said, my voice monotone. "I'll be back in a few hours." With that said, I walked off into the woods, breaking into a run as soon as I entered the thicker foliage. I was scared, I wasn't willing to risk feeling the pain caring could bring. So I ran, all while trying to hold back the tears that were building in my eyes.

Ember wrote:Ember's smile faded as she noticed Caterina's ears droop. 'Oh dear. Now what's wrong I wonder?' Ember was just about to ask Caterina if she was alright when she abruptly set down her work and started gathering her things. ‘This doesn’t look good.’ “I’m going scouting.” Caterina said in a monotone voice. By that time Ember knew something was wrong. “I’ll be back in a few hours.” Before she could ask any questions, Caterina walked off without looking back. Ember felt an urge to follow her, but hesitated.
She knew what it was like to just want to be left alone, but she had often found herself wanting company even more at those times. It pained her to see a friend going through experiences she would not wish on anyone. She would wait for a few minutes, give Caterina some space, some time to herself, before following.

BethTheBunny wrote:Beth, who had been sitting off to the side, struggling against the mysterious force known as daydreaming, suddenly snapped back to reality at Caterina's abrupt departure. "Do you think she'll be alright?" Beth asked the remaining anthros as a worried expression crossed her face.

AndromedaWolf wrote:Andromeda stared off in the direction Caterina took. She knew in her heart that Caterina must be a lot like her and need some personal space to think things through. Still, she was sad to think the somewhat breakthrough they had in the forest wasn't as significant as she had hoped. Finally, after gathering her thoughts for a moment she answers Beth:

"I think she'll be alright. This is a rough time for us all and we all must deal with it in our own ways."

"I just hope it wasn't something I said..." Her mind added.  

Ember nodded. "I agree Andromeda. It is a challenging time for all of us, maybe a bit more challenging for some, but I don't think we should have to face these challenges alone." Ember looked in the direction Caterina left. "We need help each other overcome these obstacles, not let them bring each of us down one by one." She turned to Andromeda. "A pack takes care of each of its members. I'm going to follow Caterina in a few minutes to check on her."

Andromeda nods.

"I'll stay here with Beth and finish these ropes. Hopefully by the time you and Caterina return we'll have a shelter put together. Good luck..."

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