Gathering supplies and gaining trust -The Forest-

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Gathering supplies and gaining trust -The Forest- Empty Gathering supplies and gaining trust -The Forest-

Post by Ember on Sun Jul 13, 2014 6:32 pm

Ember wrote:Ember led her small group to where she had left her materials. It only took them a few minutes to get there. The rock outcropping still clung to the hillside and her pile of rocks and fallen pine tree hadn't moved.
"Here are the rocks and I can easily fell more trees. The stream is southwest from here, just beyond those trees." She motioned with her head. As she surveyed their building materials, she wondered how much each of them would be able to carry. 'I can handle most of the big and heavy stuff, but even with Andromeda's tool, how much can they help?' She wondered if she should break the larger rocks into smaller pieces. 'I guess we'll have to make several trips.'

AndromedaWolf wrote:Andromeda furrows her brow in concentration. "Is this where Ember took care of me?" She wonders as she surveys her surroundings. After a few moments of quiet observation, Andromeda speaks up.

"In order to make a suitable long term shelter we'll need both stone and wood materials. It's a good thing both are so close. We'll need a lot, we may want to consider camping here for a few weeks."

Ember wrote:"Well I can provide a temporary shelter with my wings for you guys in case it rains." Ember added. "I don't mind. I grew up living in the wild, so rain doesn't bother me."

CaterinaJest wrote:I looked over at Andromeda, "That shouldn't be a problem, it's not that hard to make a temporary structure, and with all the natural resources around it should take no time at all." I said confidently. "Maybe we can use some logs and vines to make a sled to help carry more at a time." I suggested.

AndromedaWolf wrote:"A sled is a good idea but shelter is our more immediate need. Since we both seem to have a working knowledge of survival skills, why don't we work together on building shelter?" Andromeda says before digging into her satchel. After a few moments of rummaging she finds the thermos.

"Ember, Beth, while we do that would you two fetch some water and make a trail to the stream?" Andromeda says, holding the thermos up.

CaterinaJest wrote:Nodding, I replied, "Kay, I'll start clearing the ground and collecting wood for the foundations." Reaching back pulled my claymore from it's sheath on my back. I started striking different vegetation down making a nice clearing for our temporary camp while putting useful resources to the side, quickly becoming lost in my work. "It feels nice being useful again." I thought as I tuned out everything around me, just concentrating on the task at hand.

Ember wrote:Ember looked at the thing as Beth took it from Andromeda's hand. "Okay, but ... how do we bring it back?"

AndromedaWolf wrote:"In... In the thermos...." Andromeda says her expression blank as she stares at Ember and takes the thermos back and unscrews the lid.

OOC: Basically, she is making this face O_o

Ember wrote:"Oh.... Right got it." Ember felt a little sheepish as she watched Beth take it back. Everyone obviously knew what it was and being the only one who didn't know ... it just made her feel as much out of place as when she was part of a wolf pack. "We'll be back shortly." And so she turned and led Beth toward the stream, dragging her tail with the sharp spade tip pointing down to mark the path.

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