Chap. 9A Andromeda and Caterina

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Chap. 9A Andromeda and Caterina Empty Chap. 9A Andromeda and Caterina

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CaterinaJest wrote:
AndromedaWolf wrote:
CaterinaJest wrote:
AndromedaWolf wrote:
Ember wrote:
AndromedaWolf wrote:Now that she had cleared up Ember's water concerns Andromeda sets herself to the task at hand. She collects a few of the strong, sturdy sticks that Caterina had piled up. Using her knife she carves the end of each stick to a point before laying them out. When she is satisfied with the sticks Andromeda returns to the pile of resources this time looking for sticks smaller in diameter and slightly pliable. When she has gathered enough she uses her knife to split the ends. When she is done with this she lays the smaller sticks horizontally across the larger ones forming a grid of sorts.

Andromeda whittles a small depression where the ends of the smaller sticks will meet the vertical sticks on each end of the grid. She then prys the splits on the smaller sticks open and jams them onto the depressions. The fit is tight but not sturdy enough. She knows she will need a cord of some sort to lash the ends tightly and also to secure the middle poles. Rather than use up the only rope she has Andromeda decides to see if Caterina has any ideas.

"It's not as if by asking for ideas I'm admitting she is the better survivor. A good leader MUST always be open to ideas." The wolf thinks to herself.

"Hey Caterina, could you come here a moment?" Andromeda calls out.

CaterinaJest wrote:I was in my own little world and just starting to work up a sweat when I heard Andromeda call out, "Hey Caterina, could you come here a moment?" I looked up at her curiously. "I'm surprised, she doesn't seem to like me much." I frowned a little, the thought saddening me for some reason. I shrugged it off, not wanting to put too much thought into it. "Yeah, be right there." I called back. With that I set my sword down on the large rock I had just been working next to. I wiped my paws on my trousers as I walked over to where the she-wolf was standing, looking at something. "What can I help you with?" I asked, happy to at least be working in my area of expertise.

AndromedaWolf wrote:Noticing the dirt on Caterina's trousers Andromeda remarks, "Hard at work? Hopefully they'll be back soon with water. The wolf looks down at the frame she is constructing.

"Anyway, I'm building this frame on which I will weave thin, pliable twigs to form a wall of sorts." Andromeda lifts the frame slightly before finishing, "Notice how the horizontal sticks are split at the ends and jammed onto the other sticks? That will not hold for long enough unless I can use some sort of cord to lash them tight. I have a bit of rope but I'd rather save it for later use. Any ideas?"

CaterinaJest wrote:I crouched down to get a better look at the frame Andromeda was talking about, "Hmmmmm," I thought out loud, "Maybe we could find some stronger vines to braid together so we can form some type of rope?" I looked up at her and cocked my head, "What do you think?"

AndromedaWolf wrote:Andromeda furrows her brow and rubs her chin. "That's about as good as anything I've got. Where should we look?"

CaterinaJest wrote:I stood back up, dusting myself off while I look around. "We should look for deer tracks," I explained, "Deer love to chew on vines." I finished as I found a promising set of tracks, on the edge of the clearing. "If you want you can stay here," I offered looking over at Andromeda, "but, I wouldn't mind the help." I said looking down at my feet. I would never admit it out loud, but I wanted the company. "Great," I thought to myself, "I'm going soft."

AndromedaWolf wrote:"Makes sense. I can't continue with this work until I have the vines and there's safety in numbers. I'll come along, if you don't mind." Andromeda says before gathering her stuff and putting it in her bag. "We should leave a message for the others."

Andromeda used her matter manipulator to carve the words "Back soon." into the dirt. "That should work. Shall we be off?"

CaterinaJest wrote:I tried to hide my excitement but I couldn't stop my tail from waving back and forth happily. "That's not a problem," I said with a small smile, "Let's go!" I couldn't contain my excitement as I started off into the woods. I always felt calm when I was out in the wild, exploring what every tree and stone had to offer, seeing what kind of treasures the woods could hold. I was happy that Andromeda was coming, maybe I could get another chance to befriend her. "I can only hope." I thought nervously.

AndromedaWolf wrote:Andromeda's mouth hung slightly ajar as she watched Caterina bound off into the forest. She quickly came to her senses and takes off after her.

"What is her deal now...?" Andromeda thinks, baffled by Caterina's sudden enthusiasm. The wolf quickly catches up to her exuberant companion.

"So, where did you get your training?" She asks when she's next to Caterina.

CaterinaJest wrote:I felt my ears and tail droop slightly at Andromedas question, "My uncle taught me after my family died." I replied sullenly, "He died a few years ago and left his farmland to me." I felt guilt fill me as I realized I had completely forgotten about the anniversary of my uncles death. "How could I have forgotten?" I thought sadly to myself, feeling my eyes fill with tears, "I'm so sorry uncle." I glanced away not wanting Andromeda to see me crying, "He died a week before my 14th birthday."

"Why am I telling her this?!" a part of me screamed, "She won't understand, just like everyone else!!"
"She's different."
reasoned another part, the part that still longed for friendship, longed for a place to belong.

With a shuddering breath I glanced over at Andromeda, after all, my uncle always said you have to face your fears head on.

Andromeda's gaze softens.
"You're quite skilled for someone without formal training" Andromeda says while firmly placing her paw on Caterina's shoulder and looking firmly into her eyes. "Your uncle must have been a hell of an Anthro to give you these skills... He'd be proud. "

I felt my bottom lip tremble at Andromeda's' words. "Thank you..." I whispered shakily, trying to stop the flow of tears. "He was the best Anthro I ever knew." I said, smiling slightly, "He taught me everything I know, anything from wilderness survival to blacksmithing, archery and sword fighting, even farming and building." I exclaimed, my voice strengthening as I talked about my beloved uncle, "We were as self sufficient as someone could get, we even made our own paper!!" I turned to her grinning excitedly. It felt so nice to be able to talk about stuff another person. "I miss him the most." I whispered, "I don't really remember much about the rest of my family, I was so young when they died." I said, looking at the clouds forming in the sky, "My uncle took me in when I was seven, he said I wouldn't speak for months and that's when he started teaching me blacksmithing." I smiled fondly at the memory. I looked over at Andromeda, smiling softly, "I know that you probably have better things to do than listen to me ramble on, but thank you, its been a long time since I have had anyone to talk to." I chuckled slightly, "It's probably why I tend to be so standoffish." I grinned wryly, a light blush coming to my cheeks. I looked around, "We should probably get back to looking for supplies." I said smiling.

"Don't worry about it, everyone needs to ramble every once in awhile." The wolf says with a kind smile. At this point she looks off into the distance and begins walking again.

"Also, I am no stranger to loneliness. I too have lost my family and the isolation of deep space doesn't do much to relieve the loneliness. I just keep busy with my work... Or surviving, currently. You know this reminds of a time when..."

Andromeda's voice trails off as she turns her gaze upwards. Hanging from the low branches of a tall tree was a mess of vines, all tangled and gnarled. Some looked as if they hung in those branches since the ancient times. Greener tendrils hang down, soft and pliable from their youth.


I followed Andromeda's gaze and saw the vines. "Great! Now we can head back." I said heading over and pulling down some of the vines. "Maybe the others will already be back with some water." I commented hopefully. As we started walking back the way we came, I looked over at Andromeda, "You know, I'm actually kinda glad that we ended up here... it's nice having company." I said smiling. "If you ever want to talk just let me know, kay?" I offered, "Us wolves have gotta stick together!"

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