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Post by BethTheBunny on Sun Mar 09, 2014 4:43 pm

Name: Ellyn

Species/Color/Gender: Ellyn is a bat. She has short, dark grey hair with bangs that go over her right eye, light grey eyes, and skin so pale it’s almost white. Her arms are part bat wing and are a slightly lighter shade of grey then her hair. Her thumbs and index fingers are normal human-like ones (minus the fact that they’re grey) and the rest of her fingers are actually the finger bones in the wings.

Personality: Ellyn is very quiet and soft spoken. She can be a bit shy at times. If she sees other anthros in imminent danger she will rush to their help without thinking things through.

Clothes: Ellyn wears a light grey dress with short sleeves, a v-neck with black ribbons woven through it and a piece of white fabric underneath it, and a skirt that reaches her knees and is split on both sides up to her waist. She wears a dark grey sash around her waist as her belt. She wears baggy pants that are a slightly darker shade of grey then the dress and reaches just above her ankles. Instead of shoes she wears small, light grey bags on her feet that are held on to her feet using black ribbons.

Bio: Ellyn was born into a poor family. It was very hard for her father to find work since anthros at the time thought bats where evil creatures trained in black magic. Of course this was not true. Ellyn was just four years old when her mother became very ill. All the doctors refused to come to their house do to their fear of the bats. Ellyn’s mother died within a few weeks. Ellyn’s father did his best to raise her on his own. He would often take her with him on his nightly hunts. He taught her how to fly quickly and quietly through the branches of the trees and how to search for food. One night when Ellyn was fifteen years old, they met a man as they were hunting. The gentleman, who was actually an adviser of the king, was very impressed by their ability to fly so stealthily. The very next morning he told the king all about what had happened. The king quickly hired Ellyn’s father to spy on some anthros who were suspected of plotting treason. Things started to get better for Ellyn and her father when the inevitable happened. One night her father didn’t come back. Ellyn waited and waited, but he still didn’t return. In the morning a messenger from the king came to tell her that her father had been captured and killed by the anthros he had been spying on. Ellyn was heartbroken. Afterwards she spent most of her time in the forest searching for food and remembering the things her father taught her. A year and a half had passed since the tragedy when Ellyn heard a commotion as she was about to fly home for the morning. She followed the sound the edge of the forest near the old ruins. She froze in horror as she saw a creature she had only heard of in stories attack some of the anthros from the village. She forgot all about the times these very anthros had shunned her as she ran over to try her best to help them. Unfortunately, her attempt did little to nothing as she was attacked by the creature as well. Ellyn thought she was done for as she started to lose consciousness. Before she blacked out Ellyn heard the beast arguing with someone who sounded younger than him and felt like the ground was opening up beneath her. No one saw her fall into the black hole, for all of their attention was focused on the arguing monsters. The anthros from her time may not have cared about her, but maybe she would soon meet some who would.

Misc. Info:
-Since the people of the village refused to sell her their goods Ellyn makes her own clothes. That’s why she wears small bags instead of shoes.
-Ellyn actually has no idea what her last name is due to the fact that no one ever called her father by his last name in her presence.

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