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Cedric the Cyborg-Dragon Empty Cedric the Cyborg-Dragon

Post by Ember on Thu Mar 06, 2014 12:13 am

Name: Cedric

Age/Species/Gender: 17 human years. Dragon-cyborg. Male.

Description: A sandy brown dragon with rusty brick red accents. He has a line of fins beginning at his forehead and ending at the base of his neck. His front right leg has been replaced with a robotic leg and his right eye also replaced with a bright blue robotic eye. His non-mechanical eye is a hazel brown.

Personality: Determined. Creative. Inventive. Is unsure of how to interact with others due to his kidnapping and imprisonment.

Back story: When Cedric was four he was kidnapped by humans and was brought to a different planet where he became the main attraction of an 'exotic zoo'. Various creatures from different planets were brought to this zoo. Each day he was closely examined by hundreds of humans. He has been trying to escape for years, one of his attempts ending in the loss of his leg and vision in his eye, after that he was forced to wear a mechanical collar that would electrocute him if he misbehaved. His missing leg and eye were replaced with robotic replicas.
No longer able to break out by force because of his collar, Cedric resorted to examining his robotic limbs more closely. He could see things he could never see before with his new eye. And after examining his new arm he learned how the mechanics worked and was able to build similar things when no one was watching.
A few weeks later, while he was tinkering with his robo-arm, a strange buzzing sound filled his cage. As Cedric looked around for the source of the buzzing, a portal opened up beneath him, sending him falling through space. He was finally freed from his prison, but he had no way of knowing what adventures lay in store for him….

Misc. info: Cedric was childhood friends with Ember when both of them were living normal lives with their parents.

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