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Post by AndromedaWolf on Thu Jul 10, 2014 7:07 pm

Ember wrote:
CaterinaJest wrote:The first thing I noticed as I made my way back to the world of the living was a severe itch on the very tip of my nose. "How annoying..." I thought to myself. With a sigh I hefted myself up. I stretched my back and yawned as I stood up from my makeshift nest. I looked around our little camp, smiling as I spotted Ember and Beth still sleeping. However, my smile faded as my gaze fell on the large ship. "I wonder how Andromeda's doing." I sighed. I couldn't contain my blush as my stomach let out a loud rumble. "I guess I should work on making some breakfast for everyone." With that I began gathering some supplies, including some leftover venison from last night, and got to work.

After about a half an hour, the leftover venison and vegetables were sizzling over the fire on a flat rock. My mouth watered as their combined aromas wafted through the air. I made sure to keep the veggies and venison slightly separate so it wouldn't bother Beth. "I wonder if Andromeda will come out for breakfast?" I pondered, as I stirred the veggies. I shrugged to myself as I stood up, brushing myself off. "Breakfast is ready." I called out, trying to rouse my sleeping companions. "Now," I thought to myself, looking around, "to find something to use for plates..."

Ember wrote:Ember slowly retreated from the soft blanket known as sleep. She blinked lazily into morning light as awareness crept back into her. "Good morning Catarina." She said and smiled as she spotted - 'what is Catarina? She looks like a some sort of mix between a fox and I guess a wolf?' Ember mentally shrugged. 'I guess I'm going to have to ask her later.' She stretched as she sat up.

AndromedaWolf wrote:The alluring aroma of sizzling meat pulled Andromeda from her sleep. Within a few moments, she was fully conscious again. She slowly rose from her chair, taking time to stretch each muscle. Though the crash had left her a little worse for wear, she had recovered, more or less. She stumbled around for a minute before finding some much needed toiletry items. Using some of her water reserves, Andromeda washed herself and removed her various bandages. She tested her hurt arm and found she had slight weakness in it but could function well. After she was as 'decent' as she would ever be, Andromeda exited her ship and timidly looked around. She noticed the new crew member.

"Good morning, everyone."

CaterinaJest wrote:My ears perk up and I swing around, staring at Andromeda with wide eyes. "Good morning Andromeda!" I said, grinning. "Are you feeling okay?" I asked, "I made some breakfast.". "Oh!" I gasped turning to look at our newest companion, "You still need to meet our newest companion, Beth!" Noticing that Beth was still asleep, I walked over and started trying to nudge her awake. "Beth~" I said, "time to get up, breakfasts ready!" When she finally started to wake up I turned back to Andromeda, who I noticed was still standing. "Please have a seat!" I said hastily, noticing her arm still in a sling. "How had I not noticed that before?" I thought to myself. "Is your arm feeling better?" I asked quietly.

AndromedaWolf wrote:Andromeda was slightly unnerved by the shift from abrasive to caring in the tone Caterina takes with her. Nevertheless, she is willing to at least be civil. "Good morning, I'm fine now, thanks for breakfast" she says, keeping her answers brief from the overload of information. Andromeda looks down at the sleepy, furry mass with long ears. "Uh, morning. I'm Andromeda."

Andromeda lifts her arm and shifts it around in her sling. "I think this could come off now. It feels weak but keeping it in here will only make it weaker. Plus, since this isn't a nightmare after all, I want to make a more permanent shelter. I'll need both arms for that. But first, breakfast." Andromeda carefully removes the sling and stretches her arm before sitting down.

BethTheBunny wrote:Beth slowly rose from her spot in the nice soft grass. “Morning! I had the weirdest dream last night. I fell through this black hole thing and met a dragon and- Oh, carrot cake!“ Beth stopped talking as she realized that it wasn’t a dream. “Um, good morning, everyone! What’s for breakfast?” Beth asked as she finished waking up.

Ember wrote:"Good morning Andromeda, good morning Beth." Ember cocks her head. "By the way, what's a dragon?" She asked as she moved closer to the food. It smelled so different from what she was used to but it smelled good.

CaterinaJest wrote:"You are." I said looking over at Ember. I turned to start serving breakfast to everyone, as I thought of how to explain dragons to, well, a dragon. I made sure to give Beth more veggies than everyone else seeing as she wasn't eating any meat. I smiled at Andromeda as I handed her her food. She looked a little unnerved about my attitude, though I couldn't really blame her after everything I had said. As I started getting Ember's food I continued my explanation, "There are two main classes of dragon; Eastern and Western. You, Ember, are a Western dragon. From there you have sub categories or species. For instance you can have fire drakes, water drakes, earth drakes, ice drakes, etc. Most have different characteristics, such as a fire drake usually, but not always, have wings where as a water drake rarely has wings as they tend to spend most of their time in large bodies of water. Earth drakes also rarely have wings as they tend to prefer staying close to the earth that they love so much. Their crests; the horns on their heads, tend to look similar but unique to each dragon, sort of like a fingerprint for different anthros. The spikes following their spine however tend to vary depending on their subclass. A water drakes spikes tend to resemble fins where as a fire drakes and earth drakes tend to literally look like spikes. From your appearance and abilities I would guess that you are the descendant of both a water drake and fire drake, though not necessarily." I explained. "Any questions?" I asked, looking up at Ember with a smile.

AndromedaWolf wrote:As Catarina explains dragons, Andromeda begins to reminisce about an early assignment. She was to explore and observe a planet believed to be in the early stages of its evolution. On it she found two distinct species -wolves and dragons- living in harmony. She smiles then turns her attention to Ember.

Ember wrote:Ember was surprised by her friends reaction to her question. She was even more surprised when Catarina said that she, Ember, was a dragon. She sat staring wide eyed at Catarina, who knew so much more about her species than she did. "I ... I'm a dragon? After all these years ... I never knew. I barely remember my mother ..." Ember's gaze slowly drifts off to the distance. "I remember ... floating away on a branch ... some green substance was burning my cheek ... my mother was on the shore being attacked by giant snakes ... they were spitting the green stuff at her ... then nothing." Her vision began to blur as tears filled her eyes.

AndromedaWolf wrote:Andromeda's gaze softened as she realized Ember was crying. Without a word, she rose and gave Ember a comforting touch.

"Memories," The wolf says, touching the locket around her neck, "Are sometimes all we get and no matter how small... Or sad... They are precious."

Ember wrote:Ember didn't know what to say. No one had ever really comforted her before. She was used to being abused by the other wolves with constant nippings and criticism. She was used to being left alone when she really needed someone there for her. To actually be comforted, to really have someone there for her .... "Thank you Andromeda" she said in a small voice. She turned her head away from the others so they wouldn't see her tears. They were no longer tears of grief but tears of gladness. A small smile crept across her face. She had friends.

AndromedaWolf wrote:Andromeda was beginning to sense a connection. Maybe the Anthros she saw around her weren't such strangers. Nevertheless, the day was young and the needs of the group were painfully obvious.

"You're welcome." She says with a smile and a pat on Ember's shoulder. "So, everyone, as nice as this camping trip has been, I think we need to make more permanent arrangements, starting today. Volunteers?"

CaterinaJest wrote:I couldn't help feeling annoyed when Andromeda decided she was leader. I bit back a growl and closed my eyes. "You have been doing so well, don't lose it now!" I thought to myself. I took a few calming breaths to try and stop myself from saying something mean. "I know how to do basic building." I said calmly, if a little stiffly. "I can look around and see if I can find any good sites to start building, and then we can look for some good supplies to work with." I tried to stay calm but I just couldn't hold it back anymore. "I want to warn you right now." I spoke to Andromeda, "I am not good at following orders, I don't like people telling me what to do." I continued honestly. "I don't guarantee that I will always be the nicest person to be around but I will try." I finished, looking her in the eye.

Ember wrote:Ember saw Andromeda's hair bristle and a fight developing, so she quickly composed herself and stuck her head between them. "Calm down you two." And then to switch the subject back to planning "I was out collecting supplies a few days ago, before you arrived Andromeda, and they should still be where I left them. And I think this area would be an ideal spot. We wouldn't have to clear as many trees and Andromeda can be close to her ship." She then turned to the food Catarina gave her and, in a few quick gulps, finished it off. "The supplies should be over in the woods not too far from the base of the mountain. It's quite a walk from here but there's a stream nearby it so if you're thirsty we stop by there on the way. As soon as you guys are ready I can lead you there." She got up and stretched her legs preparing herself for the journey.

BethTheBunny wrote:Beth sighed. She had been sitting on a comfy patch of grass, eating her food as she watched the drama commence. It’s not that she didn’t care about Ember’s missing parents or the potential fight. In fact, she was quite happy Ember had attempted to clear up that whole debate. The problem was that she barely knew these anthros and they were already giving speeches, having break downs and revealing their pasts. It was a bit over whelming. “Um, well that was an interesting breakfast. I wonder what lunch will be like.” She said calmly before quickly eating the last of her food. She rose from her spot on the grass and stretched. “I'm ready to go when you furries are.”

AndromedaWolf wrote:Andromeda nodded. She appreciated both Ember and Beth's ready-to-go personalities. Having a disciplined mind and a body trained for such situations made her feel like she needed to be the one take charge.

"I think you're right about this area, Ember, especially if there's water less than a day's walk from here. Give me a couple minutes to get some supplies and we'll head out."    

Andromeda climbed back into her ship and emerged a few minutes later with a tough looking bag and a strange looking, u-shaped tool.

"This" Andromeda calls out, "Is a matter manipulator. What does it do? I'll show you!"

Andromeda turns the dial on the side of the tool. What appears to be lightning shoots out from either end of the tool and makes contact with the ground. Soon a small, perfectly square piece of turf was lifted from the ground. It was held midair as Andromeda turned. She positioned the dirt away from the hole she created and -with a sharp turn of the dial- she sent it crumbling to the ground.

"The energy emitted from this tool allows me to change the behavior of molecules long enough to move the entire object with extreme precision and accuracy! It will work on most objects but it can't handle large objects. The most I can do is cut through a small tree or move some rocks. It works on a principal first discovered by Dr. Pul-" Andromeda senses the stares of the other Anthros and she can almost feel Ember's eyes glazing over. "You know what? We should probably get going. Where are we headed, Ember?"

Ember was snapped out of her trance when she heard her name. That matter manipu- thing was absolutely amazing! It really peaked her interest. She wanted to know more about all these new things her friends were introducing her to, but she knew her constant questions must be getting very annoying for them so she kept her questions to herself.
"Oh! Right, it's this way."
She gestured with head and started walking in the direction they needed to go.

My characters: Slim Andromeda

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That's my secret, I'm always spacey

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