Greeting a New Friend ~Andromeda's Ship~

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Greeting a New Friend ~Andromeda's Ship~ Empty Greeting a New Friend ~Andromeda's Ship~

Post by AndromedaWolf on Sat Feb 08, 2014 7:22 pm

Ember wrote:
Ember wrote:"Hey Catarina I'm back. And we have another guest." Ember called out as she and Beth stepped out of the woods. The sun was just starting to set behind the nearby hills. The river that flowed through the clearing gleamed with the last light of day. Catarina had been waiting by the fire Ember had left for her, staring at a strange object in her hands. Behind her Andromeda's ship stood, unmoved, looking abandoned in this grassy landscape. Ember stopped by the fire and dropped the dead carcass at her feet.

CaterinaJest wrote:I looked up from my book as Ember entered our camp. "And who might that be?" I asked, lifting one of my eyebrows into a questioning look.
Ember wrote:Ember shifted her wing to reveal Beth standing behind her. "This is Beth. Her portal opened up while I was hunting." she told Catarina as she reclined by the fire.

BethTheBunny wrote:Beth gave Caterina a warm smile. “Hi! It’s nice to meet you. My name’s Beth Hopkins. You do know what a hand shake is, right?” Beth said, holding out her hand.

CaterinaJest wrote: I gave her a weird look. "Why wouldn't I?" I asked, standing up to shake her hand. "My names Caterina by the way, but you can call me Rina." I said giving her a small smile. I was definitely not making the same mistake that I did with Andromeda.

BethTheBunny wrote:“Um, no reason,” Beth replied quickly. “Ember, I thought you said their were two Anthros here. Where’s the other one?” Beth said, giving Ember a curious look.

Ember wrote:Ember looked at Catarina, question in her eyes. "How is she?"

CaterinaJest wrote:My ears drooped as I looked down at my feet. "She hasn't come out." I said, forlornly. "Maybe you should try talking to her tomorrow," I state looking up at Ember sadly, "She seems to trust you more."
"Who could blame her?" I thought to myself with a sigh.

Ember wrote:Ember sighed. "Okay. I hope she's alright." She turned to Beth. "Andromeda, our other friend, has been inside her ship most of the afternoon." she explained. "From what Catarina has told me, she wants to be alone for now." Ember sighed again and closed her eyes. Andromeda had been on her mind all afternoon, after hearing that she hadn't moved since she left made her worry. She took a deep breath and opened her eyes. "Well we should probably get something to eat before we turn in for the night. Let me just cook this venison real quick." With that she grasped the deer with her tail. Then, with one swift movement hurled it in the air, drew back her neck and exhaled a silvery inferno that engulfed the deer. Before the flaming mass could touch the ground, she caught it her claws, and extinguished it with with her wings. She then set it on the ground in front of Catarina. All the fur had been scorched off and the meat was a tender golden brown. "Dinner is served." she said with a bow.

BethTheBunny wrote:Beth looked warily at the cooked dear. “Do you have any carrots? I’m kind of a vegetarian.”

CaterinaJest wrote:I can't say I was surprised. I looked longingly at the nice juicy venison then over after Beth. I gave a loud sigh as I stood up, "I'll go look around and see if I can find any edible plants for you." I said as I stretched out my back and put my book back in my knapsack then slung it over my shoulder. "You guys rest up some and I'll be back in a little." I stated as I started walking off into the forest, before pausing, "You don't have any allergies right?" I asked Beth.

BethTheBunny wrote:“Nope!” Beth gave Caterina a bright smile.

CaterinaJest wrote:I gave an absent minded nod. "Kay, be back soon." I said walking away from our little group.

Ember wrote:As Catarina walked off Ember looked at Beth "What are allergies?" she asked as she tore a piece of meat with her claws.

BethTheBunny wrote:“You don’t know what allergies are? What kind of country are you from? Allergies are things that can hurt you if you eat them, or in some cases touch them, but they don’t hurt most other people,” Beth explained, giving Ember a surprised look. “In a lot of cases an allergy can be deadly!”

Ember wrote:"Well why did Catarina ask if you have any? And what do they look like so I know to avoid them?" Ember asked still confused.

BethTheBunny wrote:Beth face palmed at Ember’s question. “Why did I have to be the one to explain this?” she muttered under her breath.  “Well you see, an allergy is actually a normal, everyday item, usual a type of food or animal,” Beth explained, “There are some people who are allergic to deer, but as you hopefully know, most people can eat it without risking their lives. I have a sister who can’t eat pecans, because she’s allergic to them. If she does eat one it becomes really hard for her to breath. Do you have any questions?” Beth asked, finishing her little speech.

Ember wrote:"No, I'm good" Ember said through a mouthful of meat. "I grew up in a Pack of wolves so I guess if anyone had allergies to deer they didn't last long." she added as she tore another piece meat.

BethTheBunny wrote:Beth’s eyes widened. “You grew up in a pack of wolves? Well that explains why you didn’t know what allergies are, let alone handshakes!” she shook her head. “Oh, whatever! When’s Caterina coming back?”

Ember wrote:"I don't know." Ember gulped her last piece of deer and licked her lips. There was still plenty left for Catarina. "I should probably save some for Andromeda." she thought. She tore a huge piece of meat and placed it by the entrance of the ship. Then she curled up in her spot by the fire and yawned. "Well let me know when she get's back, I'm going to rest for a bit." she said as she closed her eyes.

BethTheBunny wrote:"Okay! Good night!" Beth sighed as she watched the black dragon sleep. She was exhausted, but her slightly damp clothes and wandering thoughts wouldn't allow her to enter her beautiful dream land.
"Why am I here? Why me and not somebody else? Why them? What was that thing that brought me here? Is my brother okay? Does my family think I'm dead? Will I ever get back home?" All of her thoughts kept pouring until they were interrupted by the soft sound of foot steps.
"Welcome back, Caterina!" Beth called, sounding as cheerful as ever.

CaterinaJest wrote:I had been walking around in the forest looking for some food for Beth. I had found quite a bit, so I started heading back. As I entered the clearing I heard Beth call out, "Welcome back, Caterina!" I couldn't help the small quirk of my lips as I heard her ever cheerful voice. "Hey." I called back, "I found you some lettuce, blueberries, and wild mushrooms." I said rummaging through my bag, "Oh, and I even found some carrots!" I exclaimed handing her the food. "I also found a stream not to far away, so if you need anything to drink I can show you where." I mentioned as I headed over to my seat setting down my bag and grabbed some of the left over venison. I sighed as I sat down with my food, glancing over at the slumbering dragon, smiling softly. "Maybe this isn't so bad..." I thought happily to myself as I settled down.

BethTheBunny wrote:“Thanks!” Beth wrapped the blueberries and mushrooms in the lettuce and ate it like a taco. “Mmm! These are really good! They're nice and fresh!” Beth looked over at Ember as she finished off her lettuce wraps and started to nibble on the carrots. “She told me to wake her up when you came back, but she looks so peaceful. Should we wake her up or let her sleep?” Beth asked, turning to face Caterina.

Ember wrote:Ember lazily opened one eye. "Hey Catarina" she said sleepily. She yawned widely as she rested her head on her claws. She was wide awake, but her body refused to move. So she just lay there as she joined the conversation.

CaterinaJest wrote:"Hey Ember." I grinned at her, "thanks for the food." I looked around our little camp. "So, what are we going to do tomorrow?" I asked, "I don't know about you guys but I'm looking forward to exploring!" I grinned cheerfully, letting my childish side peek through a little. "I wonder if anymore Anthro's have gotten sent here..." I said thoughtfully.

Ember wrote:"Your welcome." Ember smiled back. "Well I was able to explore a little while Andromeda was unconscious. There's a beautiful little waterfall at the end of that stream" she gestured with her head. "We could start there."

BethTheBunny wrote:“Um, a waterfall?” Beth shivered as she remembered the events that had led to her coming to this strange world. She didn’t feel like going anywhere near water unless absolutely necessary. “I think I’ll stay and keep an eye on the camp site tomorrow, just in case someone comes by while you two are gone.” Beth yawned loudly. “I’m tired. Good night,” she muttered as she curled into a ball on some of the soft grass before she drifted to sleep.

CaterinaJest wrote:]"Okay, night!" I called back as I finished up my food. "I wonder what she has against water?" I thought to myself. Shrugging to myself I turned back to Ember. "So to the waterfall tomorrow it is!" I exclaimed, fist pumping the air, then letting out a loud yawn. "Mmkay, well I'm gonna head to bed too." I murmured sleepily, "Night." With that I curled up using my tail as a pillow. "Ahhhh... the joys of an extra fluffy tail..."

"Good night." Ember closed her eyes. 'Tomorrow is going to be fun' she thought with a smile.

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