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Post by AndromedaWolf on Tue Feb 18, 2014 9:56 pm

AndromedaWolf wrote:
Ember wrote:
AndromedaWolf wrote:Andromeda wakes to find herself curled against a cabinet in the lab. Her head is pounding, her throat is dry and she is starving. Groggily, she pulls herself to her feet and stretches. Awareness of her situation and the events that recently transgressed come slowly to her. "...Sigh"

Andromeda leaves the lab and goes to the bridge. It's dark outside and she isn't sure if anyone is near. She exits the ship gingerly and sees the campsite. She considers going back inside until she smells something familiar . "Hmm... Is that food? or the fire..." She thinks to herself. She decides to investigate.

She takes a few steps out and sees the crispy brown remains of a deer. Though Andromeda was used to more civilized cuisine, the awful growling of her stomach prevented her from turning the meal down. She takes a portion and returns to the bridge of her ship and opens the hatch. Sitting in her chair, she eats her food and looks fondly at the stars.

Ember wrote:Ember opened her eyes. She had heard something moving behind her. She looked around and spotted Andromeda eating in her ship. She got up and walked over to her. "Hey Andromeda." she said softly.

AndromedaWolf wrote:Andromeda's ears prick up when she hears her name. She puts the deer down beside her before saying a quiet "Hello."

Ember wrote:Ember sat down beside the ship. "Are you alright?" she asked. "You really had me worried when you didn't come out earlier today."

AndromedaWolf wrote:Andromeda looks up at Ember, then back down. Quietly she says, "I'm fine." Her ears are laid back and her posture is relaxed. The atmosphere around the two is soft and quiet, much like Andromeda's thoughts.

Ember wrote:"Someone else arrived while I was out hunting earlier." Ember said after a long silence. She glanced over at the rabbit curled up by the remains of the fire. "Have you ever thought of why we're here?"

AndromedaWolf wrote:"Not particularly." The wolf replies. She takes a long gaze up at the night time sky."The stars are different here. The moon too. If you look beside it, there appears to be another planet..." Andromeda's voice trails off at that point. She looks down as tears fall slowly.

Ember wrote:Ember followed her gaze as she looked at the moon. "You have very good eyes." Then she noticed the tears in Andromeda's eyes. "You okay?" she asked full of concern.

AndromedaWolf wrote:Andromeda sighs, wiping her eyes at the same time. "Thanks.... I'll be fine."

Ember wrote:Ember nods slowly, not really convinced. "Okay..." She looks back at the night sky. "It's so beautiful. I wonder what it's like up there, to be among clouds and the stars..."

AndromedaWolf wrote:"It is, isn't it?" Andromeda says. "The stars are actually far from the clouds, though they look so close."

Ember wrote:"They are?" Ember looked at Andromeda in amazement. "Huh, I didn't know that." She returned her gaze to the sky.

AndromedaWolf wrote:After a moderate pause, Andromeda looks over at Ember and realizes an absurd fact. She, a wolf with no wings to speak of, had spent her life worlds above a dragon whose wings gracefully hung from her shoulders. Smiling, she lets out a chuckle, much to the bewilderment of Ember.

Ember wrote:"What's so funny?"

AndromedaWolf wrote:"Nothing, nothing." Andromeda says, returning her gaze to the stars. "It must be getting late... You should go back to sleep. I'll be okay. In the morning we'll see about improving things around here, for everyone. I don't know how long we'll be here but we'll need some sort of shelter. Who knows what tomorrow will bring..."

"Alright, well if you need to talk I'm willing to listen. Goodnight Andromeda." Ember then returned to her spot by the remains of the fire and fell asleep.

"Goodnight." The wolf said quietly. After Ember was fast asleep, Andromeda curled up in her seat and dozed off.

My characters: Slim Andromeda

AndromedaWolf wrote:Sorry guys, been busy/spacey.
That's my secret, I'm always spacey

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