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Name: Andromeda

Species/color/gender: Wolf/black with a gray muzzle and purple markings/female

Personality: Nice, though a bit sarcastic and reserved at first.

Clothes: A uniform (Black pants, thick black boots, and a white shirt with a symbol on the right sleeve)

Short Bio: Andromeda first came to the in-between as a young adult, age twenty-five. In her former life, she was a member of SCER (Scientist's Coalition for Exoplanetary Research). While on a routine trip to conduct experiments, her ship was pulled through the portal that led her to the in-between.

Upon entering the atmosphere, the ship immediately fell and crashed into the ground. Thankfully, the ship was built to withstand crash landings and Andromeda was able to turn the wreckage into a home. She lives in it and runs experiments, trying to find out what makes the portal that brought her here works.

Long bio:
Andromeda was born to an average family-pack complete with their own spaceship. She always did well in school and had dreams of studying deep space. After graduating high school -at only 16-, she immediately went on to study deep space astronomy and exobiology. She went so far as to apply to a program that would allow her to finish her schooling aboard a real exploration ship.

Though her family applauded her academic efforts they did not approve of Andromeda’s chosen vocation. They wanted her to stay home, raise pups, and eventually take over as leader of the family. The family business –ferrying goods and Anthros from the planet to the moons and back- would be her husband’s business. Though most pack oriented Anthros had moved on from the belief that you stay within your community, wolves were a stubborn breed. It was her father -the family’s patriarch- who most doubted her.  

When she came home holding the acceptance letter from her program, her eyes were met with stern glares from her family members. She spent the last two weeks in her familial home packing quietly in her room. She watched the moon every night, hoping for a happy ending.
The day had come for Andromeda to leave. The youngest generation in her family was the only one to cry when she said good bye. It would be two long years before she’d come back home and most treated it like she was going for a walk. Cousins, uncles, aunts… Few had any real emotions at her departure.

At 19 years of age, she climbed into the family’s W-6 Star Chaser for the last time. Her father flew her off the planet to the terraformed moon. From there, a larger ship would take her to meet with the exploration ship where she would spend the next two years.
When they arrived at the station, Andromeda’s father helped with the bags, told her to take care, and left. She felt so alone as she watched him leave. She tried not to think about it as she boarded the transport vessel to her new life.

She spent the next two years working under seasoned scientists and perfecting her skills. She went on to perform vital experiments for the ship and after their voyage was ended and she graduated, she was asked to enlist as an onboard scientist. Andromeda knew her family had all but disowned her, yet she still thought it was to wise to see them before she joined.

She took the same transport ship back to the same station where her father had left her so coldly. From there, she sought out a schedule and found her family’s ship would be arriving at 2. She didn’t tell anyone she was returning and was hoping to surprise her father at the station.
At 2 Andromeda made her way to the dock where her father would soon be pulling in. To her surprise it wasn’t her father she saw landing the ship- It was her mother. Andromeda rushed up to her, expecting a hug. Instead she found tears.  

Her mother had terrible news to share. Andromeda’s father had suffered an accident that left him crippled and unable to work. Though the family was large enough to have many helping hands, most members blamed Andromeda’s absence for the lull in business.  Being the oldest child in her family, they thought she should be the one to take over. Her mother was the only one to defend her, even though she herself thought the same. She knew Andromeda had bigger dreams in life. The family was filled with scorn for both Andromeda and her mother.
Andromeda’s mother knew she would be trapped if she returned home for even a visit and advised her to just leave. Andromeda was heartbroken. Her mother gave her a hug during which she slipped a locket around her neck. It was engraved with the family seal and held smiling pictures of Andromeda’s parents and siblings.

Her mother had asked for the locket for a Christmas present during Andromeda’s absence. She really wanted it for Andromeda but knew she’d never get it if that was known. Andromeda clutched the locket to her chest as she turned away -not only from her mother but from her life as she knew it- for possibly the last time.

She made her way to one of the nearby motels to spend the lonesome night. In the morning Andromeda felt a new rush of determination. If she couldn’t win her family’s respect being who she was born to be she would have to learn to respect herself. She called the scientist under whom she studied to tell him that she would be enlisting in the SCER (Scientist’s Coalition for Exoplanetary Research) that day.

Within the hour Andromeda found herself standing at the doors of a SCER office. Her nerve was dwindling slightly but she was determined. She marched into the building and planted herself firmly in front of the desk. The bear behind it -who was chatting with another worker- looked shocked and mildly amused by the scarcely 21 year old wolf that so demanded his attention.


“Well yourself!” Andromeda retorted. At that remark the bear took umbrage. He rose from the desk and stared down at Andromeda.

Andromeda stared right back. “I’m here to offer my services to science, which would go a lot faster if you’d sit down!”

At this the bear chuckled, sat down, and sifted through some paperwork. “Says here that new recruits must “…Express respect for superiors. Furthermore, the ideal recruit must be prepared to leave all living relatives at a moment’s notice.” Now what do you think that means, little cub with her parents still hanging around?” He said, pointing to her locket. He returned to his conversation.

This angered Andromeda and pushed her into a more fiery passion. “Sir, let me tell you about this family. I believe that even I were to stay at home I’d never be a part of it again. You may criticize my 21 years but don’t you EVER think my family would make me vulnerable again. I will not allow those who doubt me to stand in my way, no matter who they are. ” The words she heard herself say stung Andromeda but they were more or less true.

“I see.” The bear said. He was gruff, he was rude, but he wasn’t heartless. He arranged her papers and gave her instructions from where to go from there, “First go to the second floor for testing then the third for medical evaluation. If you get an all clear from both floors meet back here for further instruction. Got it?”

Andromeda nodded and headed to the elevator. When she arrived at the second floor she was promptly directed to a simulation chamber. She was then required to run basic experiments in a variety of environments. When finished, she was directed to area with man advanced computers. After demonstrating an above competency she was papers and an all clear for medical evaluation.

Everything on the third floor went by so quickly that Andromeda almost forgot to take her papers which included a clean bill of health and a record of immunizations administered. Looking at the long list diseases that she could possibly contract made her a little queasy. Still, she knew this life was what she was born to live. She gathered her papers and headed down to the first floor.

Andromeda heard the gruff voice of the bear as soon as the elevator doors opened. “All set?”
She nodded and approached the desk with the papers in her outstretched hand. The bear took them, copied information on them into his computer, and handed her a final form to fill out. When she was done, she was given a badge and more papers.

“Welcome aboard, Andromeda. Tomorrow begins a new day. You’ll need to go to the main science base tomorrow for your first assignment. Bring any personal items you wish to take with you. Uniforms and equipment will be provided for you. Your credentials may qualify you for a solo assignment. Good luck and safe travels.”

Tomorrow truly began a new day -and life- for Andromeda. Because of her natural talents her first mission was a simple -yet dangerous and exciting- solo assignment which transgressed smoothly. Her career progressed into new and exciting territories. Though she was determined to not let memories of her family hold her back, she often worried about them. She set aside money and sent a yearly letter to her mother containing money to get them by.

Four years after her first mission, Andromeda found herself on a solo assignment in a deep part of uncharted space. Suddenly, during routine experiments, every warning light in her one-scientist ship started to blare. It was being pulled towards what appeared to be some sort of black, amorphous mass. Andromeda had little time to prepare for what was coming next…

  • Andromeda graduated high school at sixteen
  • She wears a locket with pictures of her family in it
  • She is trained for emergency survival on foreign planets
  • She has a basic knowledge of ship repair but can't fix her ship entirely
  • Despite her bold personality she is quite capable of diplomacy
  • She was rescued first by Ember
  • Her family's surname is "Wolfgang" meaning "Wolf Path." Andromeda dropped the 'gang' from her name to signify she was not follow in her family's path.


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