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Post by CaterinaJest on Fri Jan 31, 2014 2:58 pm

Name: Dusty Flufferkins

Species/Color/Gender: Cat/Kitten anthro. Blackish grey kitty ears and tail. Kinda scruffy looking. Yellowish green cat eyes. Male. 11 years old.

personality: Hyper. Not so bright. Clumsy. Adorable. Tends to state the obvious and rarely stops talking. Loves attention. Will keep bugging you till he gets what he wants. Usually food. Forgetful.

Clothes: Blue long sleeve shirt that is too big for him, that covers his hands. Dark grey baggy cargo capris that go just past his knees. Tends to wear grey sneakers with two different socks. Often seen with a bandaid on one of his knees.

Short bio: Doesn't know his family. He technically lives in a foster home filled with a lot of other kitty anthro's. Like over 140 other kitty anthro's. However, he tends to wander off and explore. One day when he was exploring he came across a black vortex swirling on the ground and being his, "bright" self he decided to jump into the black swirling object. Yep, not one of his best idea's.

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