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Post by BethTheBunny on Sun Jan 26, 2014 7:42 pm

Name: Beth Hopkins

Species/color/gender: Beth is a female rabbit with white bunny ears (her left one can’t stand up all the way), Reddish-brown hair, white skin, long rabbit-like feet, a pink bunny nose, brown and orange eyes, and a white, fluffy tail.

Personality: Beth is an energetic girl who usually worries about the small things and forgets about the important ones. She has a tendency to talk without thinking, which causes her to end up being a bit blunt. She absolutely hates arguing and will try to do almost anything to stop it, even if it ends up putting her in the line of fire.

Clothes: She wears an orange t-shirt over a green, long sleeved shirt and grey, baggy pants. She wears light blue sneakers over her feet and a silver hoop earring on her left ear.

Short Bio: Beth is the second oldest child in a family of eleven. She grew up in a small town and lived a pretty normal life, until one day when she was fifteen. Her aunt and uncle where going to be vacationing in a far off country so they invited her family to come spend the summer at their cabin in the woods by a beautiful lake while they were away. Her parent agreed and everyone was having a wonderful time until about a week into their vacation when a sudden storm came. Beth and one of her brothers had been rowing a small boat on the lake when it came. The waves kept crashing onto the boat and Beth lost her grip, fall in to the water. Just as she thought she was about die a black hole appeared in front of her. Before she even had a chance to let out a startled cry, the waves pushed her in to the hole, taking her to a whole new adventure.

Differences in the Non-serious roleplay:

-Short Bio: Wave after wave crashed over Beth's head as she struggled to keep her head above the water. A particularly large wave pushed her under. She couldn't tell which way was up and which was down. Her lungs screamed for air. Consciousness started to to slip a way from her...
She woke up to her her family surrounding her. She was on the beach. She later learned that some of the people who lived on the lake had gone out to save her and her brother. She lucky that one of the men had spotted her as she went under.
About a year had passed since that dreadful day. and her family had moved to a larger town. She quickly became friends with some of the animals that live there.

Random facts:
-She is very skilled at making paper airplanes
-She has a twin brother named Peter. She usually jokes that she’s his older sister cause she was the first to come out.
-Peter would constantly “teach” her random wilderness survival stuff, but she never listened.
-She hates olives
-Her favorite food is lettuce, fallowed closely by carrots
-If she doesn’t get enough sleep she gets very grumpy


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