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Meeting Catarina -The Clearing- Empty Meeting Catarina -The Clearing-

Post by CaterinaJest on Sat Jan 25, 2014 1:55 pm

Ember wrote:As Ember lead the way she noticed Andromeda glancing around as they walked. 'It looks as if she isn't comfortable being in the forest or something.' Ember thought.
As they approached the edge of the clearing Ember heard a strange buzzing noise... where had she heard that before? She stopped.

AndromedaWolf wrote:Andromeda's ears perk when she hears the vaguely familiar buzz.

"Huh? What are we stopping for? That sound? Probably bugs or something, right?"

Ember wrote:"No.... Something else ..." Ember looked around for the source of the buzzing.

CaterinaJest wrote:I had been taking a walk in the forest near my home and had just made it to the clearing my uncle and I used to camp at when the fur on the back of my neck had stood up. Being my curious self I just HAD to go check it out. Now I found myself falling through some strange black vortex. Yeah, today was definitely not my day. Just as I had bitterly accepted that I would be stuck floating in this black void for the rest of my life I felt a sudden pull of gravity. Next thing I knew I was falling through a hole in the wall of black. My relief of being out of the vortex was short lived when I realized I was falling through the sky. "Today is definitely NOT my day!" I groaned. Last thing I remembered was hearing talking coming from the clearing below me before everything went black.

Ember wrote:Ember heard a voice above her groan before something crashed into her from behind.
She grunted as she fell forward. "Oof... What was that?" She looked around. In the grass behind her lay an unconscious figure. Above her she caught a glimpse of the portal that brought this creature here as it vanished into nothing.

CaterinaJest wrote:I groaned and grabbed my head as I slowly came back to the world of the living. "Ow..." I muttered as I slowly opened my eyes and let my eyes adjust to the bright sun light. I glanced around only to come face to face with a dragon. A dragon who was staring right at me. "well, I'm lunch...", I thought to myself.

AndromedaWolf wrote:Andromeda peers around Ember's shoulder to find a creature who appears to have fallen some distance.
"Uh, hi."

CaterinaJest wrote:My eyes widen as a wolf anthro appears from behind the dragon. "Hi..." I reply, looking at her suspiciously, "So... are you going to eat me or not?" I asked. "Because if you are I hope I give you heartburn." I deadpanned.

Ember wrote:Ember was shocked at this response.
"Why would I eat you?" she asked feeling taken aback.

AndromedaWolf wrote:"Yeah, not that you don't look delicious" Andromeda says sarcastically, "But I much prefer pizza."

Ember wrote:Ember looks at Andromeda. "What's a pizza?"

CaterinaJest wrote:"Well," I said slowly, "glad we could clear that up; and you," I said looking at the black dragon. "what do you mean What's pizza?" I asked, taken aback. "What have you been living under a rock? It's practically a food group." I shook my head. "Never mind, I don't think I really want to know..." I huffed, "So, any idea as to where we are, because if this is supposed to be Wonderland I'm seriously disappointed." I asked with a slight pout.

Ember wrote:Ember and Andromeda exchange glances. "That's what we were trying to find out." Ember told their strange acquaintance.
"You could join us if you like. My name is Ember."

CaterinaJest wrote:I took a moment thinking over her question. "They don't look dangerous..." I thought to myself. Mind made up I took a breath and replied, "Sure, I don't think I really have a choice." I said standing up wincing slightly as I stretched my, more than likely bruised, back. "Oh, and my Caterina, but you can call me Rina." I murmured.

AndromedaWolf wrote:Andromeda looks at both of the creatures in front of her like their a little... Not right in the head. "Are you sure about letting her come, Ember? She just fell out of the sky and now she's joining us?" Andromeda says, forgetting that she was the one falling out of the sky a few days ago.

CaterinaJest wrote:"Excuse me?" I said cocking my head and narrowing my eyes. "If that's how you feel than I can always fend for myself." I stated as I turned and started walking off. "Don't expect any help from me!" I yelled over my shoulder. "and this is why I don't do people!" I snapped to myself.

Ember wrote:"Hold on" Ember said as she blocked Rina's path with her tail. "Let's not be too quick to pass judgment here, we've only just met. Now this is Andromeda, who forgot to introduce herself." she said giving Andromeda a nudge with her snout. "Are you injured Catarina? Would you like me to help you?"

CaterinaJest wrote:I gave Ember a a glare from over my shoulder. "And tell me Ember, why should I trust you?" My tail started thrashing back and forth as I started losing my temper. "and as for her," I continue, nodding in Andromeda's direction. "I really don't care who she is, she obviously doesn't want me around and I don't stay where I'm not wanted." I snarled.

AndromedaWolf wrote:"Hey look, it's not that I think you're not an absolute darling" Andromeda says, giving a dry grin, "But this is a bad situation for all of us! You can't fault me for being cautious. Besides, if you're this volatile, you're the last thing I need near my equipment. Come on, Ember."

Ember wrote:"Now wait just a minute Andromeda, I had the chance to not help YOU when you first entered this realm." Ember growled, getting frustrated with all this quarreling. "I saved you from your burning ship and mended your arm, now I want to help Catarina. In my Pack we all worked as a team to accomplish a goal, so we need to WORK TOGETHER to find a way home!" She took a deep breath, she mustn't lose control. Not now. "We just need to put our differences behind us and prepare for what's to come." She added in a smoother tone.

CaterinaJest wrote:My eyes widened as I looked at the dragon, no, Ember. I was shocked. She... actually wanted to help me. "No, she wants to help herself," a part of me whispered, "you're just a means to an end." I couldn't stop the sad look that came across my face. I mentally shook myself and put my cool facade back up within a matter of seconds. I mulled over what Ember had said, she was right. As much as I hated to admit it we would probably have better luck if we worked together. "But I really don't like that wolf!" I grit my teeth and looked off to the side with a grimace on my face, flexing my claws. After a few seconds I closed my eyes and took a calming breath like my uncle taught me. After I got my temper somewhat under control I opened my eyes and looked back to Ember, "Fine, but let's get one thing straight," I said, my voice stiff with my barely contained rage, "If the wolf even looks at me wrong, you're on your own."

AndromedaWolf wrote:Andromeda laughs. "Hah! You assume I'd even want to look at you. Let's go then." Andromeda walks off in the direction that she and Ember were originally traveling. She's furious but she knows as soon as she gets to her ship she can leave these two behind. Still, she feels like she owes Ember for her kindness.

CaterinaJest wrote:I couldn't deny that I felt a slight tinge of pain when she replied. "Not even here for 10 minutes and already someone wants to kill me." I thought sadly, "uncle was wrong," I looked down as my ears drooped, "I don't belong anywhere." with that thought I followed slowly.

Ember wrote:Ember looks at Catarina concerned. "Would you like me to give you a ride on my back?" she asked. "I can tend to your injuries when we reach Andromeda's ship."

CaterinaJest wrote:I glanced up at Ember. "No, that's okay." I sighed, "I've had worse." I said looking away. I wasn't used to people caring. Not since my uncle died. Especially after I had been so mean. I sighed and looked at Ember, "I'm sorry for snapping at you," I said, slightly uncomfortable, "I'm just not quite used to interacting with others." I murmured. "You were just trying to be nice and you didn't deserve the harsh treatment." I flinched, "Man I really am bad at this whole apologizing thing" I thought with a grimace.

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